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Bioinformatics utility for identification of protein sequence alignments with the COMPARE database.
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Species Common Name Description IUIS Name Accession Length Year Adopted  
Ascaris suum Parasitic roundworm unknown function Asc s 1 Q06811.2 1365 2007 VIEW
Apis mellifera Honeybee hyaluronidase Api m 2 Q08169.1 382 2007 VIEW
Zea mays Corn Expansin-B10 precursor (ZmEXPB10) (Beta-expansin-10) (Pollen allergen Zea m 1c) Q1ZYQ8.2 270 2009 VIEW
Onchocerca volvulus Parasitic nematode RecName: Full=Tropomyosin; AltName: Full=MOv-14; AltName: Full=Ov-tmy-1 Q25632.1 284 2012 VIEW
Periplaneta americana American cockroach hemocyanin, arylphorin Per a 3 Q25641.1 685 2009 VIEW
Bos taurus Bovine calcium-binding protein Bos d 3 Q28050.1 101 2007 VIEW
Bos taurus Bovine lipocalin Bos d 2 Q28133.1 172 2009 VIEW
Canis lupus familiaris dog NPC2-like protein Can f 7 Q28895 149 2020H VIEW
Lolium perenne Perennial ryegrass unknown function Lol p 5 Q40240.2 307 2012 VIEW
Oryza sativa Japonica Group Rice beta-expansin Ory s 1 Q40638.2 267 2008 VIEW
Phalaris aquatica Canary grass beta-expansin Pha a 1 Q41260.1 269 2007 VIEW
Arachis hypogaea Peanut oleosin Ara h 11 Q45W86 137 2016 VIEW
Zea mays Maize thioredoxin Zea m 25 Q4W1F6 122 2019 VIEW
Triticum aestivum Bread Wheat Expansin EXPB11 protein Q4W1F8 274 2019 VIEW
Triticum aestivum Bread Wheat Chromatin asssociated protein Q4W1G2 112 2019 VIEW
Aspergillus fumigatus Af293 Fungus RecName: Full=Endo-chitosanase; Flags: Precursor Q4WB37.1 242 2016 VIEW
Apis mellifera Honeybee acid phosphatase Api m 3 Q5BLY5.1 388 2012 VIEW
Eriocheir sinensis Chinese mitten crab ovary development-related protein Eri s 2 Q5QKR2 252 2020H VIEW
Rattus norvegicus Rat Alpha-2u globulin Q63213 181 2007 VIEW
Arachis hypogaea Peanut 2S albumin Ara h 7 Q647G8 158 2019 VIEW
Page 118 of 124, showing 20 record(s) out of 2,463 total

2020MS: indicates a sequence derived from mass spectrometry (MS) data. Per PRP decision, only the fragments identified by MS (for a protein that showed evidence of IgE binding) and listed in the associated literature have been retained (not the full protein); therefore those sequence fragments may not necessarily represent the IgE binding area of the protein, but are part of a protein that has evidence of IgE binding.

2020H: indicates a sequence identified in this cycle as part of a separate "Historic screening" (retroactive bioinformatic screening of NCBI and UniProt, with no date restrictions), as opposed to the regular “annual screening” process (entries labeled "2020" or "2020MS")

2020H_MS: Both 2020H and 2020MS