COMPARE Documentation Files

Beginning in 2019, the COMPARE team started including a documentation file associated with a specific database annual update, as part of the release. Each file comprises relevant information about the content and updates made to the database version it relates to (identified by the year of release). Users will find here an informative snapshot on what is new and what has been done for those database versions.


In agreement with HESI COMPARE database program’ commitment to transparency, decisions and comments from the reviewers recorded during the review process, are made available in this downloadable spreadsheet.

Harmonized Description List

In 2021, the Peer Review Panel reviewed the description lines of all COMPARE entries to clean-up irrelevant wording from automated text imported from the source databases in order to generate meaningful description lines to the eyes of allergy experts.

COMPARE PRP Statements

In response to questions about the validity of the inclusion of a GFP-like protein from Scleronephthya gracillima in COMPARE’ 2018 (accession # BAW32535.1), the peer-review panel (PRP) of the database has re-reviewed the entry and has decided to remove the sequence (accession # BAW32535.1) from the 2019 database. This document provides the detailed justification for this removal, as stated by PRP members.