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*COMPARE 2021 DB Release Date: 01/29/2021*
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Bioinformatics utility for identification of protein sequence alignments with the COMPARE database.
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Species Common Name Description IUIS Name Accession Length Year Adopted  
Anisakis simplex Parasitic fish worm unknown Ani s 7 ABL77410.1 1096 2009 VIEW
Oncorhynchus mykiss rainbow trout collagen alpha 2 chain BAB55663.1 1356 2020 VIEW
Bos taurus Bovine collagen alpha-2(I) chain precursor [Bos taurus] NP_776945.1 1364 2011 VIEW
Ascaris suum Parasitic roundworm ABA-1 polyprotein precursor (Body fluid allergen 1) (Allergen Asc s 1) (Nematode polyprotein allergen ABA-1) (NPA ABA-1) [Contains: ABA-1B1 repeat unit; ABA-1A4 repeat unit; ABA-1A3 repeat unit; ABA-1A2 repeat unit; ABA-1A1 repeat unit; C-terminal extensi Q06811.2 1365 2007 VIEW
Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus House dust mite apolipophorin Der p 14 AAM21322.1 1662 2007 VIEW
Dermatophagoides farinae American House Dust Mite Apolipophorin Putative Der f 14 BBD75204.1 1666 2019 VIEW
Vespula vulgaris wasp Allergen Ves v 6.0101; vitellogenin AER70365.1 1756 2020H VIEW
Apis mellifera Honeybee vitellogenin Api m 12 CAD56944.1 1770 2015 VIEW
Page 118 of 118, showing 8 record(s) out of 2,348 total

2020MS: indicates a sequence derived from mass spectrometry (MS) data. Per PRP decision, only the fragments identified by MS (for a protein that showed evidence of IgE binding) and listed in the associated literature have been retained (not the full protein); therefore those sequence fragments may not necessarily represent the IgE binding area of the protein, but are part of a protein that has evidence of IgE binding.

2020H: indicates a sequence identified in this cycle as part of a separate "Historic screening" (retroactive bioinformatic screening of NCBI and UniProt, with no date restrictions), as opposed to the regular “annual screening” process (entries labeled "2020" or "2020MS")

2020H_MS: Both 2020H and 2020MS