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Bioinformatics utility for identification of protein sequence alignments with the COMPARE database.
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Species Common Name Description IUIS Name Accession Length Year Adopted  
Prunus dulcis almond 2S albumin, partial COMPARE023 19 2020H VIEW
Apis mellifera carnica Honeybee icarapin variant 10 precursor, partial [Apis mellifera carnica] AHM25037.1 19 2016 VIEW
Equus caballus Horse Lipocalin Equ c 2 P81217.1 19 2007 VIEW
Triticum aestivum wheat beta-glucosidase 4, partial COMPARE00254 20 2022 VIEW
Delonix regia flametree, royal poinciana actin, partial COMPARE00266 20 2022 VIEW
Delonix regia flametree, royal poinciana ADP, ATP carrier protein 1, partial COMPARE00271 20 2022 VIEW
Delonix regia flametree, royal poinciana unknown function, partial COMPARE00276 20 2022 VIEW
Arachis hypogaea peanut oleosin, partial Ara h 14 COMPARE00338 20 2022 VIEW
Cucurbita maxima winter squash 11S globulin, glycinin, cupin, partial Cuc ma 4 COMPARE00334 20 2022 VIEW
Oryza sativa Rice glutelin type-A 1, partial sequence COMPARE218 20 2021 VIEW
Lupinus luteus yellow lupine conglutin beta, partial COMPARE054 20 2020H_MS VIEW
Lupinus angustifolius narrow-leaved blue lupine 7S globulin, vicilin, gamma-conglutin, partial COMPARE046 20 2020H_MS VIEW
Humulus japonicus Japanese hop 10-kDa allergen, partial COMPARE171 20 2020H VIEW
Mustelus griseus Spotless smooth-hound parvalbumin, partial COMPARE147 20 2020 VIEW
Sinapis alba White Mustard unknown function, partial COMPARE005 20 2019 VIEW
Punica granatum Pomegranate gibberellin-regulated protein Pun g 7 C0HKC0.1 20 2018 VIEW
Bombus terrestris Bumblebee protease Bom t 4 P0CH88.1 20 2012 VIEW
Dermatophagoides farinae House dust mite DF5=allergen {N-terminal} [Dermatophagoides farinae=mites, Peptide Partial, 20 aa] AAB27594.1 20 2007 VIEW
Phalaris aquatica Canary grass Pha a I=34 kda pollen allergen {N-terminal} [Phalaris aquatica=canary grass, Peptide Partial, 20 aa] AAB27445.1 20 2007 VIEW
Blattella germanica German cockroach 36 kda allergen {peptide 143-111} [Blattella germanica=German cockroaches, Peptide Partial, 20 aa] AAB29344.1 20 2007 VIEW
Page 12 of 124, showing 20 record(s) out of 2,463 total

2020MS: indicates a sequence derived from mass spectrometry (MS) data. Per PRP decision, only the fragments identified by MS (for a protein that showed evidence of IgE binding) and listed in the associated literature have been retained (not the full protein); therefore those sequence fragments may not necessarily represent the IgE binding area of the protein, but are part of a protein that has evidence of IgE binding.

2020H: indicates a sequence identified in this cycle as part of a separate "Historic screening" (retroactive bioinformatic screening of NCBI and UniProt, with no date restrictions), as opposed to the regular “annual screening” process (entries labeled "2020" or "2020MS")

2020H_MS: Both 2020H and 2020MS