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Id Pubmed Title Authors Journal
19459 N/A, See Journal Baker's asthma_frequence of specific IgE to recombinant wheat flour allergens in German, Dutch and Spanish Bakers Sander I, Rihs H, Razynek P, Doekes G, Quirce S, van Kampen V, Bruning T, Raljf-Heimsoth M. Allergy 67, Suppl 96 2012 pg 74
19460 N/A, See Journal Chen Explanation of problems seq For t 1 Chen YH PhD disseration
9485 N/A, See Journal Cloning of the panallergen profilin from lychee fruit and its cross-reactivity with birch pollen profilin Bet v 2 Song JJ, Zhang HY, Liu ZG, Ran PX Food Agric Immunol 2007; 18(2):129-138
20246 N/A, See Journal The cloning expression, purification and characterization of a fragment of Red Swamp Crayfish major allergen tropomyosin Yi HT, Xia LX, Liu F, Yan H, Huang Z, Tang MJ, Chen DW, Liu ZG, 2011 Journal of Jiangxi Normal University
9498 N/A, See Journal Tropomyosins in gastropods and bivalves: Identification as major allergens and amino acid sequence features Ai Emoto, Shoichiro Ishizaki, Kazuo Shiomi Food Chemistry 114 (2009) 634–641
19228 N/A, See Journal Identification and immunolocalization of superoxide dismutase isoenzymes of olive pollen Alche,J.D.; Corpas,F.J.; Rodriguez-Garcia,M.I.; del Rio,L.A.; Physiol. Plantarum 104, 772-776 (1998)
20252 N/A, See Journal CONFIDENTIAL: Comparison of IgE binding to 25 species of fish extracts Lee PW, Nordlee JA, Koppelman SJ, Baumert JL, Taylor SL CONFIDENTIAL: part of dissertation
20258 N/A, See Journal Kuehn parvalbumin fish poster Rome Kuehn A ISMA conference in Rome 2007
1075 N/A, See Journal Molecular characterization of Cas s 1, the major allergen from European chestnut Castanea sativa Hofbauer,B.; Radauer,C.; Jaeger,S.; Hoffmann-Sommergruber,K. Unpublished
20799 N/A, See Journal Immunochemical and molecular characterization of allergenic profilin (Koc s 2) from Kochia scoparia pollen Farnoosh Zarinhadideh, Akram Amini, Mohammad-Ali Assarehzadegan, Seyed-Hamid Borsi, Najmeh Sepahi, Hosein Ali-Sadeghi J Korean Soc Appl Biol Chem (2015) 58: 443.
1096 N/A, See Journal Molecular cloning and characterization of the gene encoding a 30 kDa salivary allergen of mosquito Aedes aegypti Xu,W.; Simons,F.E.R.; Peng,Z. Unpublished
15966 N/A, See Journal The cross-reactivity between bee and vespid hyaluronidases has a structural basis Jacobson,R.S.; Hoffman,D.R.; Kemeny,D.M.; J. Allergy Clin. Immunol. 89, 292-292 (1992)
7776 N/A, See Journal Staphylococcal intoxications Bergdoll MC; Wong ACL book: Foodborne Infections and Intoxications 2006
97 N/A, See Journal cDNA cloning and characterization of three genes in the Bet v 1 gene family that encode pathogenesis-related proteins Swoboda,I.; Scheiner,O.; Heberle-Bors,E.; Vicente,O. Plant Cell Environ. 18, 865-874 (1995)
17766 N/A, See Journal Nimbya and Embellisia revisited, with nov. comb for Alternaria celosiae and A. perpunctulata Lawrence,D.P.; Park,M.S.; Pryor,B.M.; Mycol. Prog. (2012) In press
1399 N/A, See Journal The promoter of an apple Ypr10 gene, encoding the major allergen Mal d 1, is stress- and pathogen-inducible Puehringer,H.; Moll,D.; Hoffmann-Sommergruber,K.; Watillon,B.; Katinger,H.; Laimer da Camara Machado,M. Plant Sci. 152 (1), 35-50 (2000)
3447 N/A, See Journal Amb a 1 homologous allergen in mugwort pollen Wopfner,N.; Jahn-Schmid,B.; Hubinger,G.; King,T.P.; Richter,K.; Ebner,C.; Asero,R.; Ferreira,F.; Unpublished
890 N/A, See Journal Expression pattern and deposition of three storage proteins, 11S globulin, 2S albumin and 7S globulin in maturing sesame seeds Tai,S.S.K.; Lee,T.T.T.; Tsai,C.C.Y.; Yiu,T.-J.; Tzen,J.T.C. Plant Physiol. Biochem. 39 (11), 981-992 (2001)
19834 N/A, See Journal Purification, immunological properties and molecular cloning of two allergenic parvalbumins from the crimson sea bream, Evynnis japonica Fang-Fei Guo, Hiroaki Kubota, Kazuo Shiomi Food Chemistry
1171 N/A, See Journal Nucleotide sequence of a gamma gliadin gene: Comparisons with other gamma gliadin sequences show the structure of gamma gliadin genes and the general primary structure of gamma gliadins Scheets,K.; Hedgcoth,C. Plant Sci. 57, 141-150 (1988)
Page 1 of 86, showing 20 record(s) out of 1,704 total