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Id Pubmed Title Authors Journal
297 2103438 Complete sequence of a cDNA of alpha subunit of soybean beta-conglycinin Sebastiani,F.L.; Farrell,L.B.; Schuler,M.A.; Beachy,R.N. Plant Mol. Biol. 15 (1), 197-201 (1990)
298 1717566 Complete sequence of the allergen Amb alpha II. Recombinant expression and reactivity with T cells from ragweed allergic patients Rogers,B.L.; Morgenstern,J.P.; Griffith,I.J.; Yu,X.B.; Counsell,C.M.; Brauer,A.W.; King,T.P.; Garman,R.D.; Kuo,M.C. J. Immunol. 147 (8), 2547-2552 (1991)
299 2701948 Complete sequence of the bovine beta-lactoglobulin cDNA Alexander,L.J.; Hayes,G.; Pearse,M.J.; Beattie,C.W.; Stewart,A.F.; Willis,I.M.; Mackinlay,A.G. Nucleic Acids Res. 17 (16), 6739 (1989)
302 6897774 Construction and identification by partial nucleotide sequence analysis of bovine casein and beta-lactoglobulin cDNA clones Willis,I.M.; Stewart,A.F.; Caputo,A.; Thompson,A.R.; Mackinlay,A.G. DNA 1 (4), 375-386 (1982)
306 11240953 Cross-reactivity studies of a new group 2 allergen from the dust mite Glycyphagus domesticus, Gly d 2, and group 2 allergens from Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, Lepidoglyphus destructor, and Tyrophagus putrescentiae with recombinant allergens Gafvelin,G.; Johansson,E.; Lundin,A.; Smith,A.M.; Chapman,M.D.; Benjamin,D.C.; Derewenda,U.; van Hage-Hamsten,M. J. Allergy Clin. Immunol. 107 (3), 511-518 (2001)
307 11419723 Cross-reactivity within the profilin panallergen family investigated by comparison of recombinant profilins from pear (Pyr c 4), cherry (Pru av 4) and celery (Api g 4) with birch pollen profilin Bet v 2 Scheurer,S.; Wangorsch,A.; Nerkamp,J.; Skov,P.S.; Ballmer-Weber,B.; Wuthrich,B.; Haustein,D.; Vieths,S. J. Chromatogr. B Biomed. Sci. Appl. 756 (1-2), 315-325 (2001)
317 10787420 Crystal structure of the allergen Equ c 1. A dimeric lipocalin with restricted IgE-reactive epitopes Lascombe,M.B.; Gregoire,C.; Poncet,P.; Tavares,G.A.; Rosinski-Chupin,I.; Rabillon,J.; Goubran-Botros,H.; Mazie,J.C.; David,B.; Alzari,P.M. J. Biol. Chem. 275 (28), 21572-21577 (2000)
325 7806492 Cucumisin, a serine protease from melon fruits, shares structural homology with subtilisin and is generated from a large precursor Yamagata,H.; Masuzawa,T.; Nagaoka,Y.; Ohnishi,T.; Iwasaki,T. J. Biol. Chem. 269 (52), 32725-32731 (1994)
330 11959139 Der f 16: a novel gelsolin-related molecule identified as an allergen from the house dust mite, Dermatophagoides farinae Kawamoto,S.; Suzuki,T.; Aki,T.; Katsutani,T.; Tsuboi,S.; Shigeta,S.; Ono,K. FEBS Lett. 516 (1-3), 234-238 (2002)
871 15080836 DNA immunization for the production of monoclonal antibodies to Blo t 11, a paramyosin homolog from Blomia tropicalis Ramos,J.D.; Teo,A.S.; Lee,B.W.; Cheong,N.; Chua,K.Y. Allergy 59 (5), 539-547 (2004)
874 10669848 Escherichia coli expression and purification of recombinant dog albumin, a cross-reactive animal allergen Pandjaitan,B.; Swoboda,I.; Brandejsky-Pichler,F.; Rumpold,H.; Valenta,R.; Spitzauer,S. J. Allergy Clin. Immunol. 105 (2 Pt 1), 279-285 (2000)
879 12973349 Evolutionary and biomedical implications of a Schistosoma japonicum complementary DNA resource Hu,W.; Yan,Q.; Shen,D.K.; Liu,F.; Zhu,Z.D.; Song,H.D.; Xu,X.R.; Wang,Z.J.; Rong,Y.P.; Zeng,L.C.; Wu,J.; Zhang,X.; Wang,J.J.; Xu,X.N.; Wang,S.Y.; Fu,G.; Zhang,X.L.; Wang,Z.Q.; Brindley,P.J.; McManus,D.P.; Xue,C.L.; Feng,Z.; Chen,Z.; Han,Z.G. Nat. Genet. 35 (2), 139-147 (2003)
882 1572548 Expression and genomic structure of the genes encoding FdI, the major allergen from the domestic cat Griffith,I.J.; Craig,S.; Pollock,J.; Yu,X.B.; Morgenstern,J.P.; Rogers,B.L. Gene 113 (2), 263-268 (1992)
887 10656667 Expression of an epitopic region of AspfI, an allergen/antigen/cytotoxin of Aspergillus fumigatus Sarma,P.V.; Purkayastha,S.; Madan,T.; Sarma,P.U. Immunol. Lett. 70 (3), 151-155 (1999)
889 8601459 Expression of Zm13, a pollen specific maize protein, in Escherichia coli reveals IgE-binding capacity and allergenic potential Heiss,S.; Flicker,S.; Hamilton,D.A.; Kraft,D.; Mascarenhas,J.P.; Valenta,R. FEBS Lett. 381 (3), 217-221 (1996)
890 N/A, See Journal Expression pattern and deposition of three storage proteins, 11S globulin, 2S albumin and 7S globulin in maturing sesame seeds Tai,S.S.K.; Lee,T.T.T.; Tsai,C.C.Y.; Yiu,T.-J.; Tzen,J.T.C. Plant Physiol. Biochem. 39 (11), 981-992 (2001)
892 8588684 Fire ant venom allergy Hoffman,D.R. Allergy 50 (7), 535-544 (1995)
893 8223644 Four 9-kDa proteins excreted by somatic embryos of grapevine are isoforms of lipid-transfer proteins Coutos-Thevenot,P.; Jouenne,T.; Maes,O.; Guerbette,F.; Grosbois,M.; Le Caer,J.P.; Boulay,M.; Deloire,A.; Kader,J.C.; Guern,J. Eur. J. Biochem. 217 (3), 885-889 (1993)
894 7916686 Four recombinant isoforms of Cor a I, the major allergen of hazel pollen, show different IgE-binding properties Breiteneder,H.; Ferreira,F.; Hoffmann-Sommergruber,K.; Ebner,C.; Breitenbach,M.; Rumpold,H.; Kraft,D.; Scheiner,O. Eur. J. Biochem. 212 (2), 355-362 (1993)
896 7678765 Gene structure and expression of rice seed allergenic proteins belonging to the alpha-amylase/trypsin inhibitor family Adachi,T.; Izumi,H.; Yamada,T.; Tanaka,K.; Takeuchi,S.; Nakamura,R.; Matsuda,T. Plant Mol. Biol. 21 (2), 239-248 (1993)
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